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开放山西 转型发展 山西外事面对面第一期

2021-08-27 17:01:02山西外事6720
内容摘要:  各位观众大家好Hi, everyone!  为了向国际展示一个真实 立体 全面的山西In order to show Shanxi to the world in a real, vivid and comprehensive way&......



Hi, everyone!
  为了向国际展示一个真实 立体 全面的山西
In order to show Shanxi to the world in a real, vivid and comprehensive way
We adopt
  “演播室面对面采访 + 实地景观 + 视频展示”等融媒体形式
fusion media including “interview in the studio + field trip + video display”
With the support of domestic and foreign media
  聚焦山西省委 省政府
we focus on various measures taken by Shanxi Provincial CPC Committee and People’s Government of Shanxi Province
to earnestly implement Xi Jinping Thought on Diplomacy
serve China’s overall diplomacy
promote transformation and development
and construct a new highland for inland areas to open up to the outside world
Today we invite
Mr. Wu Shaozhong, Director General of Foreign Affairs Office of the People’s Government of Shanxi Province
to share some wonderful stories about Shanxi’s international exchanges in recent years
  武主任 您好
Hello, Mr. Wu
Constructing a new highland for inland areas to open up to the outside world
is a major task assigned by General Secretary Xi Jinping
to Shanxi when inspecting Shanxi
Please talk about how we, during the “13th Five-Year Plan” period
step up efforts for the opening-up
During the “13th Five-Year Plan” period
Shanxi thoroughly studied and implemented General Secretary Xi Jinping’s
important speeches and important instructions during his two inspection visits to Shanxi in three years
resolutely promoted transformation
and actively constructed a highland for inland areas to open up to the outside world
  要围绕省委 省政府中心工作
Focusing on the requirements of Shanxi Provincial CPC Committee and People’s Government of Shanxi Province
Shanxi has been experiencing booming development for international exchanges
I want to talk about three points
The first is to focus on all-round and high-quality development
and strive to build international cooperation platforms
Under the new regional competition pattern
Shanxi undertakes the great task of
transitioning the national economic development between east and west
and exploring new paths to transformation and development
That requires us to actively carry out multi-level cooperation
and build more international cooperation platforms
In 2017, we held a thematic briefing with the International Department, Central Committee of CPC
showed the world the positive efforts and development achievements of Shanxi Provincial CPC Committee
in the strategic arrangements for the full and strict governance over the party
In 2019, we held a global presentation event for Shanxi with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
134 countries and international organizations were invited
More than 230 diplomatic envoys and representatives attended the event
The presentation event won wide praise at home and abroad
We also participated in the organization of Taiyuan Forum for many sessions
In 2019, we invited 216 foreign guests from 22 countries and regions
and promoted 65 energy cooperation projects and agreements
  论坛的国家级 国际性 专业化得到了全面提升
The national-level and top-notch forum with international influence has been comprehensively improved
To create a new highland for inland areas to open up to the outside world
we have played an active role
This year, we participated in organizing the Expo Central China
The Prime Minister of Mauritius and
the Minister of State for International Trade of the UK were invited to give video speeches
Envoys from more than 20 countries in China and officials from international organizations attended the expo
It is a session with the highest-ranked foreign guests
which provided valuable explorations for an international cooperation mechanism
against regular epidemic prevention and control
Taiyuan Forum 2021 will be held this September
We will invite higher-level foreign guests
and more diplomatic envoys to China and representatives of international organizations to attend the forum
The second is to focus on high-level opening up
and serve high-level visits and exchanges
Shanxi attaches great importance to the leading role
of high-level visits in enhancing international exchanges
  近年来 我们保障省委书记 省长多次率团出访
In recent years, we have supported many delegations led by the secretary of the provincial CPC committee and the governor of Shanxi Province
and helped to sign dozens of agreements on economic, trade and people-to-people cooperation
We have held various events, including “PYIFF in Paris”
“Shanxi Day” in Jeollanam-do, ROK
China (Shanxi) Japan Economic, Trade and People-to-People Cooperation Talkfest
and friendship photo exhibitions
We have signed a framework agreement for the establishment of friendly relations between Shanxi and Jeollanam-do
We have effectively served the country in developing foreign relations
and promoted the expansion of Shanxi’s international exchanges
Shanxi has also benefited a lot from the interaction with the world
and our “friends circle” is expending
The third is to focus on wider international cooperation
and effectively expand channels for international exchanges
  五年来 山西国际友好城市
In the past five years, we have made 61 International Friendship Cities and
108 International Friendship Partners
which doubled and tripled respectively compared with those before 2016
  建立海外联系人 延伸海外工作手臂
We have established overseas contacts and extended support to overseas work
We have helped Shanxi
formally join international organizations such as the China-Russia Regional Cooperation Council
establish China-US Energy Center (Shanxi)
hold China (Shanxi) · European Enterprise Cooperation Contract Signing Meeting
organize “Shanxi Day” for Ulyanovskaya Oblast, Russia
hold the photography exhibition themed “China and Sri Lanka in the Eyes of Photographers”
and serve a series of events such as “Shanxi Brands on the Silk Road”
By promoting relations with friendship cities
and people-to-people exchanges
Shanxi strives to share resources among cities
realizes complementary advantages and win-win cooperation
Shanxi will make new contributions to implementing the development philosophy of opening-up
and building moderately prosperous society in all respects
Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic
Shanxi sent letters of condolence to 49 local governments abroad
and coordinated and organized donations of materials worth more than RMB15 million
  与新加坡 泰国 捷克等国友好省州公共卫生专家
Together with public health experts from friendship provinces and states in countries including Singapore, Thailand, and the Czech Republic
Shanxi hosted video conferences for sharing experience in fighting COVID-19
and answered questions that foreign experts are concerned about
We have further deepened international friendship
and contributed to the establishment of a Global Community of Health for All
The building of International communication capacity is an important means of shaping the national image
and improving the cultural soft power
On the afternoon of May 31
General Secretary Xi Jinping
made new arrangements for strengthening China’s international communication capacity
  讲好中国故事 传播好中国声音
To tell China’s stories and convey China’s voice
  展示真实 立体 全面的中国
and show China to the world in a real, vivid and comprehensive manner
is the main task of strengthening China’s international communication capacity
  在这方面 我们省外办有哪些具体举措
In this regard, what specific measures Shanxi Provincial Foreign Affairs Office has taken
The Provincial Foreign Affairs Office serves as a window for Shanxi’s opening to the outside world
We will set foothold on national conditions
take full advantage of all opportunities for international exchanges and cooperation
and focus on the theme of celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of CPC
  宣传山西的悠久历史 厚重文化 壮美山河
so as to promote Shanxi’s time-honored history, splendid culture, and magnificent landscape
promote Shanxi’s glorious revolutionary traditions and culture
promote the great changes made by the people of Shanxi in a century
and the all-round and high-quality development
  提升“山西故事”的吸引力 感召力 影响力
We will make “Shanxi’s Story” more appealing and influential
and make Shanxi’s voice louder
We will deepen reform and opening up in Shanxi
  建成小康社会 加快转型步伐
build a well-off society and step up transformation
We will showcase great achievements and vivid examples of international anti-epidemic cooperation
  让世界更好了解中国 了解中国共产党
We will let the world understand China better, understand CPC better
We will strive for the understanding and support of the Chinese Dream from all over the world
and make our efforts to strengthen the international communication capacity
Moderator: During the “14th Five-Year Plan” period
China will enter a new development stage
It is also a critical period for Shanxi to enter the stage of high-quality development
What considerations and measures will the Foreign Affairs Office of Shanxi Province make in terms of serving transformation and development
During the “14th Five-Year” period
we will have a deep understanding of the complex and fast-changing international situation
and handle foreign affairs well during regular epidemic prevention and control
We will serve China’s overall diplomacy better
  服务转型发展 服务对外开放新高地建设
serve transformation and development, and serve the construction of a new highland for opening up
We will try to explore a new path to foreign affairs
help Shanxi embark on a new journey to fully build a modern socialist China
  开好局 起好步
We must make a good start
  有四点 一是服务国家总体外交大局
There are four points. The first is to serve China’s overall diplomacy
and actively participate in major foreign activities of the party and the country
We will invite representatives of various organizations in China to participate in major foreign affair activities in Shanxi
The second is to serve the all-round and high-quality development of Shanxi
integrate into the “Belt and Road” Initiative with a high quality
  促进太原 大同跨境电子商务综合试验区
promote the construction of the projects, such as Taiyuan Datong Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Pilot Zone
and International Cooperation Park of Shanxi Transformation and Comprehensive Reform Demonstration Zone
further broaden the channels for foreign affairs
  鼓励高校 医院与国外高水平大学
and encourage domestic universities and hospitals to form a partnership with
excellent universities and hospitals abroad
We will support Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools
and international cooperative research projects
carry out academic research cooperation and people-to-people exchanges
and build brands for foreign exchanges
We will support Shanxi to embrace all-round and high-quality transformation and development
guide and encourage private enterprises to “go global”
push forward major foreign activities and key cooperation projects in Shanxi
and actively serve investment promotion and project cooperation
The third is to serve the construction of a new highland for inland areas to open up to the outside world
We will make more international friendship cities
and strengthen exchanges with international organizations such as the Association of Northeast Asia Regional Governments
  与外国地方政府 友好组织
Together with foreign local governments and friendly organizations
  深入推进在抗疫 经贸 能源 教育 科技
we will promote and deepen the cooperation on the fight against COVID-19, economy, trade, energy, education, technology
and culture for mutual benefits
We will consolidate and expand the international “friends circle”
and expand platform channels for common open development
The fourth is to improve the services related to foreign affairs
We further standardize the approval procedures about inviting foreigners to China
improve the coordination mechanism for overseas security
and increase consular protection
We will safeguard Shanxi’s overseas security and interests
To help the enterprises and citizens of Shanxi to “go global”
and facilitate the investment and sightseeing of foreign friends in Shanxi
we will provide high-quality and convenient services
Shanxi will further expand opening to the outside world
and contribute to the construction of a new highland for inland areas to open up to the outside world
Thank Mr.Wu Shaozhong for the detailed introduction to Shanxi’s foreign affairs
It gives us a deeper understanding of foreign affairs
I also wish Shanxi’s foreign affairs work better and better
Dear viewers
this is our first broadcast of “Interview on Shanxi Foreign Affairs”
We will launch a series of interviews
  敬请期待 我们下期再见
Please stay tuned, see you next time
For more information about Shanxi’s foreign affairs
Please follow the multilingual website E-Shanxi
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